Where IS Everybody!?

The party searches for answers

Player Characters
Kilana- Hamadryad Psion
Bjorn- Dwarf Barbarian
Kim- Tiefling Blackguard
Jasmine – Human Wizard

Canonically following the moments after Bjorn and Kim decide to abandon the Half-Orc Moblie Check Cashing Heist, Kim decides that they party should go get some grub and see if anyone knows about a big adventure that she’s missing out on, since so many of the adventurers in town are suddenly gone.

At the bar, Bjorn insults Kim’s cardiovascular workout routine, Kim playfully punches him in the face and then decided to start a bar brawl with betting to make some money for the day. She gets restless…this is a thing that happens.
Bjorn, not in on the plan, is unable to control his boner…I mean, BloodRage and attacks Kim.
In the end Kim and Bjorn do not kill each other and they make out with a large amount of gold for their “time and effort”.

The meet up later at a chain restaurant and share all their favorite appetizers. Kilana is suddenly overtaken by a adherent to Melora. It’s Bjorn’s girlfriend. She tells Bjorn that she’s using Kilana’s mind to communicate with him and he finds out that she is chasing a being that has killed the high priest of Melora in a neighboring city. She misses Bjorn and he misses her too. Kilana is upset that her mind has been violated by this intrusion and Kim is made aware of this.

Kim gets up from the table and notices a wizard that she saw earlier in the previous bar. They make a deal to find out where the missing adventurers have gone and to find a stash of Sapphires.

Bjorn and Kim race to find information to help them decide which way to go. It’s Jasmine that gathers the correct information but Kim still beats Bjorn in a race to get to that information first. Bjorn hates this.

The party makes their way to a central bank and find a woman that is obviously being controlled by an outside enemy. Kim summons a demon to torture the Eladrin woman but she is unresponsive. WTF?! Kim and Jasmine deduce that the woman is being tortured in her own body and Kim takes lethal measures to release the woman from her flesh and bone prison. Kim calls the party into a huddle for a confidence boosting pep talk, she says that from here on out they must operate with One Heart, One Mind and suddenly the party can all speak to each other telepathically. The party follows a trail of blood up some stairs and find along the way, warriors brutally slaughtered. A curious thing though, there are blue masks around the bodies of the fallen. Kim takes on and puts it on. She sees a vision of a blue dragon as big as the city. It’s clear that the dragon desires this vision to come to fruition. Because of the mind sharing, the entire party sees this vision as well.

At the top of the stairs the party encounters a single Mind Flayer. It quickly grabs up Bjorn and dominates him, he begins to turn on the party. Foolhardy, Kim runs within melee range of the mind flayer and begins her brutal assault. Kim directs Kilana to stay close to Bjorn and remain in a defensive posture. Jasmine draws first blood from the mind flayer and begins summoning creatures to aid in the fight. Kim eventually releases the souls from the gems of her Helm of Seven Deaths and strikes a blow that undeniably turns the tide of the battle in favor of the party.

At the end, Kim is very nearly killed but strikes the final blow to the mind flayer and the party takes a moment to rest and heal themselves.

The party finds a passage marked by the image of a flaming tree and a single person gazing upon it. Suddenly, future Kim, and her vanguard approach Kilana to tell her that Kim should avoid time traveling as much as possible. Future Kim disappears as quickly as she appeared and that’s where we called it.



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