The Prodigal Son

Trouble brews in the Dwarven City

This session starts off with Kim nailing the bodies of the Arborist and the spider host to a local town’s bulletin board outside of temple of Melora with a noting asking for anyone that knows anything about these people or what has been going on to seek her out in their hotel is Snezbana. Kim looks around for a person to talk to and ask if would help spread the word and this guy seems kind of apprehensive. Kim invites the man on to her dragon to take a ride around and to discuss the events that were happening in the area in private. He talks about the recent Psion activity with Melora and how he thinks that those types are crazy. The man is over joyed with the fact that he had experienced a dragon ride and skips off to go tell his children. The group talks about what to do next and Kim remembers that they need to go back and get the saddle from the Dwarves of Mahal’s Deep. The journey takes them 6 days back to the mountain and as they touch down in the same spot as last time a younger dwarf wearing the colors of Bjorn’s clan runs up and hands him a message basically stating the news that has been circulating throughout the mountain. The message states that Bjorn has basically been "playboy"ing around and has disrespected his clan and elders. The message mentions that his friends have been called his “consorts”. Bjorn tenses up and goes off towards the mountain at a dead sprint.
Kim and Kilana go to catch up to him and he tells them the situation and that he’s going to rectify this situation. There has been a terrible loss to his honor and he is going to do something about it.
While they enter the city another dwarf, a sergeant by the name of Caern Fireheart notices Bjorn walking into the city with two strangers following him and he decides to shadow them knowing the most recent news of the city. Caern is opposed to the Stoneshield’s policies of trying to make Mahal’s Deep more open to outsiders but respects them as warriors. He doesn’t know much of Bjorn but he respects his siblings.
Bjorn learns of who is spreading these lies and it is in an area ruled by a rival clan that they’ve been having trouble with for years. Throwing caution to the wind he finds a town crier and basically pulls him off his stand and commands him to tell him who is spreading these lies and to stop spreading rumors that disrespect his clan. Caern steps in before Bjorn does something that he is going to regret later. They talk about how these criers are under advisement of the History guild of the city. Kim, Caern and Kilana walk off towards the guild but Bjorn gets another idea and leaves towards the mansion of the ruling clan of the area. There he is stopped by guards after demanding to see the leader of the clan about these rumors. Getting no where with the guards he decides to throw his gauntlet down in challenge but they grab him and try to take him away.
The party hears the commotion and go to take action. Kim and Kilana work towards making it seem like that Bjorn is actually someone else impersonating him with a similar name of Bjarn. While leaving the city Kim bribes some of the town criers to spread this rumor of someone being thrown out that has been impersonating Bjorn Stoneshield.
After going out of the city Kim calls Senbashi and the rest of the party decides that they are going back to Kim’s fortress. Bjorn states that he doesn’t want to go and that he has to make things right here and now. Kim explains to him that if he were to stay he would make things worse and that if he decides to stay there he will have to give it time for the talking to die down. Seeing the logic behind everything Bjorn agrees to go after Caern explains to him that he respects him as a warrior now seeing how loyal he is to his family even though he doesn’t agree with their policies.
After leaving the mountain and returning to Kim’s ice tower Senbashi mentally communicates that he wants to fight some creatures that have been around his area and that he is looking to expand. He mentally shares this image to the party.

After some brief hesitation by some of the party members they agree to go fight the beholder. In the distance they see some Frost Wyverns circling a figure. As they get closer they notice that there is a tiefling fighting 3 of these Wyverns singlehandedly



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