Flight of the Shadow Dragon

The gang stops the Arborist

Kim and Bjorn once again wake up to the primordial screams of Kilana as she is taking one of her sickles to her head. Bjorn rushes to take the weapon away from his friend as gently as possible and he gets linked to whatever is attacking Kilana’s mind for an amount of time. The figure is of a half woman half spider who is very possessive of Kilana calling her “my pet” Bjorn tries his best to stand up to this lady and defend his friend then the visions stop. Kilana is still being assaulted at her heart tree roots by a servant of whatever Bjorn just saw. Kim goes to the Stoneshield family library to research this being and links it to the spider Queen Lolth.

A servant is called to fetch some medical supplies as Bjorn helps to patch up his friend then goes to see about the condition of the saddle. Being only a few hours into production it won’t be ready in time to leave as quickly as possible. Kim and Bjorn make the decision that they have to go and stop this now and they leave the mountain on the back of Senbashi towards Kilana’s heart tree. They stop briefly to rest and catch some fish which Kim prepares into sushi and make camp for the night. In the morning they take off and Kim uses her portal to take the group into the grove.

Coming out of the portal, everything seems too still in the forest and as they fly on Kim notices a figure standing in the distance. At the same time Bjorn notices that the dragons shadow is off from where it’s supposed to be. Suddenly from the shadow comes a large adult shadow dragon. The battle is on.
The two dragons become locked in combat as our heroes try to fight on Senbashi’s back. Bjorn get a crazy idea and he jumps from his friend’s back onto the other dragon and proceeds to cut into the dragon as it’s tail fights back. Bjorn manages to cut off one of the dragon’s horns while fighting on towards the figure of the Arborist in the distance. When the group gets close enough Kim and Kilana jump off and Kim proceeds to maim this man. At a certain point he goes to fight back and a giant spider erupts from his body. Kim kills this too in a few swings. The dragon sees that it is out matched and blinks away from the fight causing Bjorn to fall out of the sky into a nearby tree. He rushes out of the tree and whistles to Senbashi to pick him up to continue the fight but the dragon communicates to him that they have won the day with a loud roar.



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