Operation Save Kilana

The most Bjorn filled Episode

Bjorn wakes up after trying to reach his girlfriend last night with a sending as he puts on his owlbear slippers he hears a gutteral screaming that sound to him like primordial. He rushes out of his room and see’s Kilana screeching at a faerie dragon that is trying to communicate with her in common. Bjorn yells for Kim and tries to comfort his friend while noticing that something is wrong with the one side of her body. The dragon want’s to talk to Kilana but cannot communicate with her as she does not speak common any longer. Kim lets the dragon in and is taken to a sort of pocket section of the fey wild where Kilana’s family can go and reside. She talks with her sister about how something is wrong with her and that it needs to be rectified right away. After the conversation the three mobilize to Kim’s winter fortress to get her pet dragon. As she comes back to her tower she realizes that her young white dragon has aged into an adult dragon. She explains that the gang will be taking her dragon Senbashi to Kilana’s heart tree. The gang without a saddle ride bear back towards the tree. As they travel Bjorn points out the mountain where he grew up at. Kim decides not to push her dragon and they stop in the clearing near the mountain. Bjorn gathers that it will take little to no time for the mountain to mobilize troops so he waits for them. Seeing the scouting party approaching he waves his arms to them. Having a quick conversation he realizes that its his brother Tor. After quickly catching up Tor has a laugh at the expense of his brother and tries to embarrass him in front of everyone. Seeing this after his brother turns to leave shouts at him and intimidates him to get her a saddle for her dragon and that Bjorn is a hero and he deserves a heroes welcome home. Bjorn thanks her but thinks that Kim over did it with the intimidating him. He goes along with his brother to catch up some more and after a while there’s a crowd of dwarves around the dragon. Realizing that Kilana needs some attention. She sends a runner to go give a message to Bjorn that they need some clerics and he pulls some strings to get clerics of Moradin to see to her. After the clerics take time to understand what is going on say they can’t really help her. Kim instructs Senbashi to hang out for a while while they wait for a saddle to be made and they head into the mountain. Here they learn that Bjorn’s clan, the Stoneshields, are one of the most prominent of the ruling clans of this area and they buy her a belt of dwarvenkind which allows her to speak dwarven with Bjorn. There’s a feast for Bjorn and his friends meet his family. Kim gets upset because she believes that Bjorn holds his sister in higher regard than her and walks off to explore the house. Kim and Kilana find Bjorn’s bedroom with his stuffed monster and minecart bed and they sort of laugh to themselves and want to sleep in his bed. Bjorn walks in and realizes that they’re here and won’t leave his bed he lets them stay. Kim makes a pair of Bjorn’s pajamas into rocking booty shorts and climbs into bed. During the night Kilana feels the same pain as last time and that’s where we call it for this session.



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