Kim the Tiefling

Ass like POW! Boobs like WOW!


Tiefling. Done.


Kim is a Tiefling, raised by lowly human parents, named Chuck and Harriett McGuffin.

Kim was saved from drowning at the edge of a river by her adopted parents. At first sight, they thought they’d made a mistake and saved a horrible devil baby but a kindly paladin of Kord told them to raise the babe for 7 years and then send the teifling child to him in the North. Chuck and Harriett agreed and loved and raised the child as their own for seven years then made the long trip to the the northern most temple of Kord to give Kim to, Igor, who became like a father to Kim.

At age 21, Igor sent Kim to the local adventuring guild to gain some real world experience. Gone were the days of slashing and hacking at straw dummies, Kim was now a Paladin of Kord out to right all wrongs and eventually take the place of Igor at the Northern Temple.

Excited to have earned a decent wage adventuring, she returned to the Northern Temple to share her earnings with Igor, but upon entering the courtyard, she realized something was amiss. As she entered the temple, she was met with a gruesome scene; Igor, on his knees with a sword driven into his neck at at the hilt; an angel dressed in flowing white robes, with pale skin, fiery red hair and blue glowing eyes. Kim cast her 10 gold pieces to the ground and ran in the other direction. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she ran further from the Northern Temple and her religion. When she’d reached the outer edges of the place she’d called home, she turned around for a final glimpse at the life she left behind. She took a deep breath and gathered her emotions, bottled them up tight within the depths of her soul and turned around a new person, a blackguard without a deity and a tiefling with one purpose. To become a being that would at least kill the angel that murdered Igor and if possible, dethrone the deity that did not protect him.

Kim the Tiefling

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