The Prodigal Son
Trouble brews in the Dwarven City

This session starts off with Kim nailing the bodies of the Arborist and the spider host to a local town’s bulletin board outside of temple of Melora with a noting asking for anyone that knows anything about these people or what has been going on to seek her out in their hotel is Snezbana. Kim looks around for a person to talk to and ask if would help spread the word and this guy seems kind of apprehensive. Kim invites the man on to her dragon to take a ride around and to discuss the events that were happening in the area in private. He talks about the recent Psion activity with Melora and how he thinks that those types are crazy. The man is over joyed with the fact that he had experienced a dragon ride and skips off to go tell his children. The group talks about what to do next and Kim remembers that they need to go back and get the saddle from the Dwarves of Mahal’s Deep. The journey takes them 6 days back to the mountain and as they touch down in the same spot as last time a younger dwarf wearing the colors of Bjorn’s clan runs up and hands him a message basically stating the news that has been circulating throughout the mountain. The message states that Bjorn has basically been "playboy"ing around and has disrespected his clan and elders. The message mentions that his friends have been called his “consorts”. Bjorn tenses up and goes off towards the mountain at a dead sprint.
Kim and Kilana go to catch up to him and he tells them the situation and that he’s going to rectify this situation. There has been a terrible loss to his honor and he is going to do something about it.
While they enter the city another dwarf, a sergeant by the name of Caern Fireheart notices Bjorn walking into the city with two strangers following him and he decides to shadow them knowing the most recent news of the city. Caern is opposed to the Stoneshield’s policies of trying to make Mahal’s Deep more open to outsiders but respects them as warriors. He doesn’t know much of Bjorn but he respects his siblings.
Bjorn learns of who is spreading these lies and it is in an area ruled by a rival clan that they’ve been having trouble with for years. Throwing caution to the wind he finds a town crier and basically pulls him off his stand and commands him to tell him who is spreading these lies and to stop spreading rumors that disrespect his clan. Caern steps in before Bjorn does something that he is going to regret later. They talk about how these criers are under advisement of the History guild of the city. Kim, Caern and Kilana walk off towards the guild but Bjorn gets another idea and leaves towards the mansion of the ruling clan of the area. There he is stopped by guards after demanding to see the leader of the clan about these rumors. Getting no where with the guards he decides to throw his gauntlet down in challenge but they grab him and try to take him away.
The party hears the commotion and go to take action. Kim and Kilana work towards making it seem like that Bjorn is actually someone else impersonating him with a similar name of Bjarn. While leaving the city Kim bribes some of the town criers to spread this rumor of someone being thrown out that has been impersonating Bjorn Stoneshield.
After going out of the city Kim calls Senbashi and the rest of the party decides that they are going back to Kim’s fortress. Bjorn states that he doesn’t want to go and that he has to make things right here and now. Kim explains to him that if he were to stay he would make things worse and that if he decides to stay there he will have to give it time for the talking to die down. Seeing the logic behind everything Bjorn agrees to go after Caern explains to him that he respects him as a warrior now seeing how loyal he is to his family even though he doesn’t agree with their policies.
After leaving the mountain and returning to Kim’s ice tower Senbashi mentally communicates that he wants to fight some creatures that have been around his area and that he is looking to expand. He mentally shares this image to the party.

After some brief hesitation by some of the party members they agree to go fight the beholder. In the distance they see some Frost Wyverns circling a figure. As they get closer they notice that there is a tiefling fighting 3 of these Wyverns singlehandedly

Flight of the Shadow Dragon
The gang stops the Arborist
Kim and Bjorn once again wake up to the primordial screams of Kilana as she is taking one of her sickles to her head. Bjorn rushes to take the weapon away from his friend as gently as possible and he gets linked to whatever is attacking Kilana’s mind for an amount of time. The figure is of a half woman half spider who is very possessive of Kilana calling her “my pet” Bjorn tries his best to stand up to this lady and defend his friend then the visions stop. Kilana is still being assaulted at her heart tree roots by a servant of whatever Bjorn just saw. Kim goes to the Stoneshield family library to research this being and links it to the spider Queen Lolth.

A servant is called to fetch some medical supplies as Bjorn helps to patch up his friend then goes to see about the condition of the saddle. Being only a few hours into production it won’t be ready in time to leave as quickly as possible. Kim and Bjorn make the decision that they have to go and stop this now and they leave the mountain on the back of Senbashi towards Kilana’s heart tree. They stop briefly to rest and catch some fish which Kim prepares into sushi and make camp for the night. In the morning they take off and Kim uses her portal to take the group into the grove.

Coming out of the portal, everything seems too still in the forest and as they fly on Kim notices a figure standing in the distance. At the same time Bjorn notices that the dragons shadow is off from where it’s supposed to be. Suddenly from the shadow comes a large adult shadow dragon. The battle is on.
The two dragons become locked in combat as our heroes try to fight on Senbashi’s back. Bjorn get a crazy idea and he jumps from his friend’s back onto the other dragon and proceeds to cut into the dragon as it’s tail fights back. Bjorn manages to cut off one of the dragon’s horns while fighting on towards the figure of the Arborist in the distance. When the group gets close enough Kim and Kilana jump off and Kim proceeds to maim this man. At a certain point he goes to fight back and a giant spider erupts from his body. Kim kills this too in a few swings. The dragon sees that it is out matched and blinks away from the fight causing Bjorn to fall out of the sky into a nearby tree. He rushes out of the tree and whistles to Senbashi to pick him up to continue the fight but the dragon communicates to him that they have won the day with a loud roar.

Operation Save Kilana
The most Bjorn filled Episode

Bjorn wakes up after trying to reach his girlfriend last night with a sending as he puts on his owlbear slippers he hears a gutteral screaming that sound to him like primordial. He rushes out of his room and see’s Kilana screeching at a faerie dragon that is trying to communicate with her in common. Bjorn yells for Kim and tries to comfort his friend while noticing that something is wrong with the one side of her body. The dragon want’s to talk to Kilana but cannot communicate with her as she does not speak common any longer. Kim lets the dragon in and is taken to a sort of pocket section of the fey wild where Kilana’s family can go and reside. She talks with her sister about how something is wrong with her and that it needs to be rectified right away. After the conversation the three mobilize to Kim’s winter fortress to get her pet dragon. As she comes back to her tower she realizes that her young white dragon has aged into an adult dragon. She explains that the gang will be taking her dragon Senbashi to Kilana’s heart tree. The gang without a saddle ride bear back towards the tree. As they travel Bjorn points out the mountain where he grew up at. Kim decides not to push her dragon and they stop in the clearing near the mountain. Bjorn gathers that it will take little to no time for the mountain to mobilize troops so he waits for them. Seeing the scouting party approaching he waves his arms to them. Having a quick conversation he realizes that its his brother Tor. After quickly catching up Tor has a laugh at the expense of his brother and tries to embarrass him in front of everyone. Seeing this after his brother turns to leave shouts at him and intimidates him to get her a saddle for her dragon and that Bjorn is a hero and he deserves a heroes welcome home. Bjorn thanks her but thinks that Kim over did it with the intimidating him. He goes along with his brother to catch up some more and after a while there’s a crowd of dwarves around the dragon. Realizing that Kilana needs some attention. She sends a runner to go give a message to Bjorn that they need some clerics and he pulls some strings to get clerics of Moradin to see to her. After the clerics take time to understand what is going on say they can’t really help her. Kim instructs Senbashi to hang out for a while while they wait for a saddle to be made and they head into the mountain. Here they learn that Bjorn’s clan, the Stoneshields, are one of the most prominent of the ruling clans of this area and they buy her a belt of dwarvenkind which allows her to speak dwarven with Bjorn. There’s a feast for Bjorn and his friends meet his family. Kim gets upset because she believes that Bjorn holds his sister in higher regard than her and walks off to explore the house. Kim and Kilana find Bjorn’s bedroom with his stuffed monster and minecart bed and they sort of laugh to themselves and want to sleep in his bed. Bjorn walks in and realizes that they’re here and won’t leave his bed he lets them stay. Kim makes a pair of Bjorn’s pajamas into rocking booty shorts and climbs into bed. During the night Kilana feels the same pain as last time and that’s where we call it for this session.

A strange Sailor
Roshi sure knows how to throw a party!

As the gang has a much deserved beach episode on Roshi’s island they decide to see their host. Inside his house they find an odd elf who is much too loud for his own good named Dichael Nifty Third MiMauro who had apparently landed here on accident with his fine vessel (a wagon) after being at sea. He doesn’t know how he got there but the gang welcomes him and plays a few games which Kim cheats at and drinks from coconuts. Kim and Bjorn decide that it would be best for them to go and check on their hotel and that gang of thugs that were planning on attacking them. When they open a portal back to The Holiday Inn they’re greeted by the mercenaries that they were about to go find! A quick battle ensues and during that time they find that their friend David the changeling was among the group and joins the fight on the side of Kim. Not wanting to kill and of them Bjorn draws them in as Kim threatens them causing them to leave their weapons and flee. One is still locked in combat with David and Bjorn charges in and tackles him to the ground. Kim interrogates/threatens him into never coming back to fight them ever. With that taken care of David proposes that he runs the inn for them as the other people either are dead/ can’t be trusted. After that there’s some weird exchanges with a minotaur as the gang get’s ready to sleep again in the top floor rooms. During this time Kilana has something weird is happening with the roots of her heart tree and she wakes up Kim bewildered not being able to speak common.

The Blizzard
Boy it's cold out here

Taking place right after last session the gang finds them selves still on the top floor of the Bank after just fighting a mindflayer. Future Kim has told Kilana that she knows where to find the Angel of Kord who had killed Kim’s master. After this she gives her journal over to Kilana and there is a terrible sound coming from the portal that Kim has just entered from. Drawing her corpal flail she heads through the portal with her vanguard.

While this is happening Jasmin is getting a vision from the first floor of the tower, she is seeing through the eyes of the dead Eladrin who Kim had apparently killed. She sees people in cloaks and the blue dragon cultist masks coming into the building and some of these hooded figures are floating. With an expert perception she spots tentacles and relays this message to the party as Kilana comes back through the portal. The party looks for a way of escape but the only way back is down towards the cultists. They head into the room that Kilana was just in after she burns down the door and the room is not the same as they saw through Kilana’s eyes. It looks like it hasn’t been touched for years and left to the elements. Coming up from the stairs the party sees a creature that they had previously thought dead on the floors below. It seems like some magic has brough the people that were deceased back to life as thralls for their evil bidding. Kim opens her portal to her ice fortress and the rest follow.
They end up days away from the fortress in the middle of a blizzard with no shelter in sight. Kim dons her winter cloak but notices that her party does not have something similar and they get to work making some place where they can survive the night til Kim’s portal can recharge. During this Jasmin’s pet hawk, Crow, dies and Kim stuffs it in her bag of holding for stasis. Bjorn tries to help her get over it but the cold has increased his stress and he ends up lashing out at Jasmin to get over her bird. With the party a bit worse for the wear day approaches and the blizzard subsides as Kim makes a portal to her friend Roshi’s exotic island and that’s where we ended our session.

Where IS Everybody!?
The party searches for answers

Player Characters
Kilana- Hamadryad Psion
Bjorn- Dwarf Barbarian
Kim- Tiefling Blackguard
Jasmine – Human Wizard

Canonically following the moments after Bjorn and Kim decide to abandon the Half-Orc Moblie Check Cashing Heist, Kim decides that they party should go get some grub and see if anyone knows about a big adventure that she’s missing out on, since so many of the adventurers in town are suddenly gone.

At the bar, Bjorn insults Kim’s cardiovascular workout routine, Kim playfully punches him in the face and then decided to start a bar brawl with betting to make some money for the day. She gets restless…this is a thing that happens.
Bjorn, not in on the plan, is unable to control his boner…I mean, BloodRage and attacks Kim.
In the end Kim and Bjorn do not kill each other and they make out with a large amount of gold for their “time and effort”.

The meet up later at a chain restaurant and share all their favorite appetizers. Kilana is suddenly overtaken by a adherent to Melora. It’s Bjorn’s girlfriend. She tells Bjorn that she’s using Kilana’s mind to communicate with him and he finds out that she is chasing a being that has killed the high priest of Melora in a neighboring city. She misses Bjorn and he misses her too. Kilana is upset that her mind has been violated by this intrusion and Kim is made aware of this.

Kim gets up from the table and notices a wizard that she saw earlier in the previous bar. They make a deal to find out where the missing adventurers have gone and to find a stash of Sapphires.

Bjorn and Kim race to find information to help them decide which way to go. It’s Jasmine that gathers the correct information but Kim still beats Bjorn in a race to get to that information first. Bjorn hates this.

The party makes their way to a central bank and find a woman that is obviously being controlled by an outside enemy. Kim summons a demon to torture the Eladrin woman but she is unresponsive. WTF?! Kim and Jasmine deduce that the woman is being tortured in her own body and Kim takes lethal measures to release the woman from her flesh and bone prison. Kim calls the party into a huddle for a confidence boosting pep talk, she says that from here on out they must operate with One Heart, One Mind and suddenly the party can all speak to each other telepathically. The party follows a trail of blood up some stairs and find along the way, warriors brutally slaughtered. A curious thing though, there are blue masks around the bodies of the fallen. Kim takes on and puts it on. She sees a vision of a blue dragon as big as the city. It’s clear that the dragon desires this vision to come to fruition. Because of the mind sharing, the entire party sees this vision as well.

At the top of the stairs the party encounters a single Mind Flayer. It quickly grabs up Bjorn and dominates him, he begins to turn on the party. Foolhardy, Kim runs within melee range of the mind flayer and begins her brutal assault. Kim directs Kilana to stay close to Bjorn and remain in a defensive posture. Jasmine draws first blood from the mind flayer and begins summoning creatures to aid in the fight. Kim eventually releases the souls from the gems of her Helm of Seven Deaths and strikes a blow that undeniably turns the tide of the battle in favor of the party.

At the end, Kim is very nearly killed but strikes the final blow to the mind flayer and the party takes a moment to rest and heal themselves.

The party finds a passage marked by the image of a flaming tree and a single person gazing upon it. Suddenly, future Kim, and her vanguard approach Kilana to tell her that Kim should avoid time traveling as much as possible. Future Kim disappears as quickly as she appeared and that’s where we called it.

Canadian Girl Friends
Bjorn Misses his Girlfriend

Player Characters
Kilana- Hamadryad Psion
Bjorn- Dwarf Barbarian
Kim- Tiefling Blackguard

Bjorn mentions that he’s started a long distance relationship with a female Elf. Kilana supports Bjorn and his new relationship. Kim raises an eyebrow and begins quizzing him on this supposed girlfriend. Even though the time and dates add up, Kim believes that Gwen, Bjorn’s girlfriend, is a made up person to soothe his tiny baby dwarf soul. It’s cute.

Differing Points of View
Kim kills a cleric of Kord

Player Characters
Kilana- Hamadryad Psion
Bjorn- Dwarf Barbarian
Kim- Tiefling Blackguard

Upset that Kim has decided to carve her name into the same stone as recognized deities,
Caden the Human Cleric, boldly protests but Kim is undeterred. Caden traps Kim in a large translucent purple cube. Alone on the top of the roof where she was committing her “crime” of vandalism, Kim is forced to turn on her companion. With the help of Kilana, from the ground below, Kim handily defeats Caden but does not absorb his soul into her Helm of Seven Deaths. She cuts out his tongue after he’s dead and uses its blood to blot out Kord’s name. She leaves the tongue to sit atop the stone monument as a warning that those who talk smack to her should be ready to back it up.

Bjorn loots Caden’s body and splits the bounty with the party. Kilana gives her share of platinum pieces to Kim, her deity. Kim and Bjorn go to the best hotel in town and rent out the entire penthouse suite. Through many critical success in intimidation, Kim is able to talk her was in to ownership of the entire top floor.

Kim is sad that she had to kill one of her companions but it only reassures her that members of the house of Kord are untrustworthy and deserving of death. Kim, Bjorn and Kilana all take part in a Wizard of Oz – Emerald City pampering session followed by what can only be described as a night of pure ecstasy shared with a minotaur.

The next day, Kim discovers that Kilana has begun torturing and killing people in her own quarters. Kim rescues Kilana’s victim and opens a portal to her wintery home were Dave the Assassin Pixie and their dragon live. Kim gives the poor woman the sweet release of death and absorbs her soul into her Helm of Seven Deaths.

Later that day, Bjorn and Kim decide to rob a new Half-Orc Mobile Check Cashing establishment but the trail leads them nowhere. Kim notices that the streets are strangely quiet and that many of the adventurers that should still be in town for the wedding are nowhere to be found.

And that’s were the DM (Sam) called it.

The Wedding of Erasmus Ducane
Wedding bells and Funky smells..That's poison gas...

Player Characters
Kilana- Hamadryad Psion
Bjorn- Dwarf Barbarian
Kim- Tiefling Blackguard
Advis- Revenant Wizard
Caden- Human Cleric

City of Snezbana
Erasmus Ducane, the greatest adventurer in all the land, is getting married today and he has invited the adventurers to celebrate in his most wonderful day. After all being seated at table 11 in the Verusha family villa the ceremony starts and a wonderful dinner is served. After the meal the group is told that Erasmus has hidden caches of his treasure all around and would like to extend his wealth to these adventurers if they have the determination to find them. the clues are hidden on the table under one of their platters. The clue states
I am hidden somewhere quiet, a place where silence drones. If you wish to track me down, You must look to the Heart of Stone
The group uses their combined skills and knowledge of the city to remember that in a cemetery there is a mausoleum with a giant stone heart balanced by magic. By this time however the other groups are in the middle of making a break for the treasures so the party has to act quickly. They make a break for it but one group of dwarves is already way ahead of them. Bjorn helps commandeer some horses that people of the city used to get to the wedding while Kim has her own mode of transportation. They all race to the cemetery on horseback besides Advis who had already gone ahead of them. They overtake the dwarves at some point and make it to the cemetery. On the way Bjorn almost falls off the horse but is super rad and hooks onto the one Kim is riding with his shield and surfs into the cemetery closing the gates on the approaching dwarf party.

Going in to the mausoleum the party takes a left into the first room and battle some SPIDERS
The party quickly dispatches the spiders and spy two chests in the room. Caden senses that one of them is trapped and Advis spys the trap and points it out to Kim.
Kim deftly tries to disarm the trap but it explodes releasing toxic gas into the room. The party brings the other chest out into the next room and closes the door to keep the gas inside. In the other room Bjorn falls into a pitfall but is saved at the last second by Kim and her tail. Inside the chest is some treasure 5 black pearls, an amulet of health with the symbol of Kord, Boots of spider climbing and 5 health potions.
The party continues on and finds a trapped door with a glyph. Advis disables this for the crew and they find a room with a secret tunnel leadinging into the final room. Inside there are four skeletal constructs.
First Kim steps in the room. She hears in her mind
“Are you strong?”
She demonstrates her strength by turning into a fearsome creature and then the skeleton bows down to her. Next inside is Kilana and she hears in her mind.
“Are you honorable?”
Seeing the trend she displays how she honors her Goddess Kim. Next up is Advis into the room. His skeleton asks
“Are you courageous?”
He responds by making a globe of darkness around him and tells the construct that he has no fear of the darkness. The skeleton bows down to him.
Bjorn walks into the room and up to another skeleton. He hears in his mind
“Are you noble?”
Hearing this in his head he reaches to his weapon that he found in the upper floor of the mausoleum, a warhammer that has the symbol of the clan Verusha and holds it up to the construct. It bows to him like the rest.
Caden reluctantly enters the room and the final skeleton ask him
“Are you faithful?”
He explains that he is the most faithful and prays to his god Kord. The skeleton bows to him.
After that the party finds a turn in the room with one last skeleton. It asks
“Are you worthy?”
The party shows that they are worthy and the skeletal constructs crumble and reveal a chest. Advis is the first one to the chest and tries to pocket a handy haversack with out the party knowing and Bjorn calls him out on it. The rest get LOOT
Inside there is:
A horned helm
Shadowfell gloves
500 platinum pieces which is split between the party memembers
Matching diamond earrings, necklace, and bracelet
A deed tot he Poisoned Dragon in Bau
A Watcher’s Horn
and finally a note that says
“There’s more should you desire it,”

The party returns to the outside of the mausoleum and Kim climbs up to the stone heart on top. Caden follows after her wondering what she is doing. On the stone heart there are symbols to the gods of the realm Kim scratches her name amongst them.
Caden asks “What are you doing you aren’t a god!”
Kim turns on her heels and looks at him square in the eyes and answers calmly
“Not yet”


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