Pull up a chair as I tell you all about the epic tale about a mysterious woman who burns like fire and can kill a dragon and then eats it’s heart. You may have heard such tales through whispers around your town or local tavern and I want to tell you they’re all true. I’ve seen this woman who can turn into a demon straight from your grandmother’s stories and how she instills fear in the hearts of her enemies. You may be wondering who this woman is, she only goes by one name, “Kim”…

Hello everyone! As you may know Veronica the lovely GM from the hit podcast Cthulhu and Friends has put out a casting call for games to help her unwind like the rest of us with some sweet dice rolling with her friends. Earlier this year at Geekly Con she made a level 5 tiefling named “Kim”. Veronica has invited all of those who back the CaF patreon to play games with her. ( If you havent donated http://www.patreon.com/CaFPodcast get on that) Also Anyone can GM for her!

This is not a commitment and you aren’t expected to play every game! Games will be one-shots but all canonical to Kim’s epic quest to level 20 and beyond! Games start at 8:15-8:30pm CST and should last no more than 4 hours (ideally 2-3). The GM determines the party size. If there is interest, we can stream it. Games may take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays.

I’ll be trying to keep this wiki up to date for all of those who want a glimpse in to her world or for DMs to kind of keep track what everyone has done in their games so the world can be fleshed out with cities, countries, factions, and anything that a Game Master can think of. I’ll be keeping track of characters here as well so if you play in a game feel free to send me pictures of your characters and a brief backstory.


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